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Cleveland Preparing for Republican Convention

Mar 29, 2016
Cleveland (March 29, 2016) - With the Republican National Convention just about four months away, the City of Cleveland, which is hosting the event, has been busy sprucing up and renovating public areas and preparing for a flood of visitors.

The four-day convention, July 18-21, is expected to draw more than 50,000 people, including 15,000 members of the media, world-wide.

As with other conventions, the Cleveland gathering will be designated by the federal government as a National Special Security Event, which means that ultimate authority over law enforcement lies with the Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security.

Those agencies will designate the security zone around the venue for the convention, which is Quicken Loans Arena. The security zone is under the control of the Secret Service. The federal government, as it has done with previous conventions, is providing up to $50 million for security, which includes $20 million for food, housing, material and equipment and $30 million for travel, salaries and overtime for the personnel.

In addition, the Cleveland Police Department has been working for more than a year with federal, state and area law enforcement agencies to ensure that various forces are in coordination with each other.

Security planning includes dealing with and ensuring the first amendment rights of those who want to publicly express their opinions.

“We are confident that the Cleveland Police Department will ensure that everyone is safe and free to exercise their constitutional rights of free speech,” said Cleveland City Council President Kevin J. Kelley. 

Cleveland is dispatching its own force of about 1,600 as well as other safety forces from various law enforcement agencies throughout the region to have nearly 4,000 safety forces.

The extra forces will ensure that Cleveland’s neighborhoods, including the growing downtown neighborhood, are not without routine police patrols during convention activities near and around the Q.

“The citizens of Cleveland can rest assured that their neighborhoods will be closely watched by regular police patrols,” said Councilman Matt Zone, chairman of Council’s Safety Committee. “Safety in our neighborhoods will not be compromised by a downtown convention.”

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